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Chris Blackstock

Co-Founder - Creative Director

With over 10 years of experience, Chris has worked with clients such as Adobe, Disney Imagineering, Monstercat, Owsla and others to help them achieve their creative goals. Whether it be character design, concept work, branding, or logo design, he can help you reach the top of your own design mountain.

Matt Johnson

Co-Founder - Lead Designer

With over 15 years experience in designing for the web, Matt comes from a background of UI/UX Design in various roles as Senior Designer and Lead Designer at software sStartups, creative agencies and enterprise companies.

Ryan Schumacher

Co-Founder - Business Development

Ryan has spent the last 15 years working in eSports, online publishing and advertising. He helped start The Creative Shop to provide top design talent to our publishers and other brands. Our Media Shop platforms provide immense value for publishers and we utilize them ourselves to create some amazing experiences.

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